Talking about Eating

Posted on: May 3, 2011

Lesson 1: It tastes stale!

A: What are we going to eat for dinner?
B: I’m going to fix some pork chops.
A: I’m afraid the meat is rotten.
B: That’s strange! I just bought it the day before yesterday.
A: Well, I forgot to put it in the refrigerator.
B: Good for you! Now what should we eat?
A: Why don’t we eat out?
B: Again? Weren’t you just complaining that it’s too expensive to eat out?
A: Not when you’re hungry.

Lesson 2: I couldn’t help it. They were so good!

A: B, where are the cookies? Don’t tell me you ate them all! Again!
B: Yes, I did. I couldn’t help it. They were so good.
A: I thought you didn’t like cookies.
B: Well, I don’t like cookies flavored with chocolate at all. But vanilla is different. I love them to death.
A: Huh, I didn’t know that.
B: Well, tell you what, vanilla cookies taste even better with a glass of cold milk.

Lesson 3: How often do you eat out?

A: How often do you eat out, B?
B: Well, very often. I eat out almost five times a week.
A: Wow, I really envy you.
B: Don’t envy me. It’s for business. In fact, I’m sick and tired of restaurant food. Sometimes I just want a home-cooked meal.

Lesson 4: It’s on me.

A: Thanks for lunch. It was delicious.
B: It’s OK.
A: Next time lunch is on me.
B: Don’t be silly.
A: I’m serious.
B: All right. Next time you’ll treat.
A: It’s a deal!

Lesson 5: It’s my treat.

A: Let’s eat out, shall we?
B: I’m broke. I’ve gone through my paycheck for the week already.
A: Don’t worry about it. It’s my treat.
B: You’re sure? You’re so generous!
A: And nice, too.
B: So, where are you taking me?
A: Some place you’ve never been before. A’s Kitchen.

Lesson 6: A drink to you and your future wife.

A: You’re going to miss your sister since she’s married, aren’t you?
B: I sure am. She made a lovely bride, didn’t she?
A: She was beautiful. So when will your turn be?
B: Soon! Very soon!
A: Well, a drink to you and your future wife!

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