Trying to sleep

Posted on: May 4, 2011

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Jill: Alex, what’s up with you? You look dreadful!

Alex: Hey Jill, I don’t know. I’ve been having trouble sleeping these past few weeks. I usually lie in bed for hours trying to get to sleep . I’ve tried stretching and different breathing techniques before going to bed . I’ve tried eating and not eating different foods. I’ve even tried counting sheep! And then when I finally get to sleep , I have these really disturbing nightmares, so I usually wake up in a panic and more tired than before I went to sleep .
Jill: Wow, maybe you should get that checked out. Maybe you’re stressed?
C: Just take some sedatives! Works for me! Every so often having some melatonin on hand helps me when I have trouble sleeping . It works on all kinds of sleeping disorders . It’s the stuff pilots use to regulate their sleeping patterns .
Jill: I heard of that. But does that apply to Alex’s situation?
C: Ya sure, why not ? Sounds like he only has transient insomnia since it’s a recent thing so taking melatonin do the trick.
Jill: But shouldn’t he be looking into WHY it’s been happening?
C: Well aren’t youthe little psychologist? Our buddy’s having trouble sleeping , it’s easy and curable. It’s not something freakish like if he was a sleepwalker.
Alex: Well, there’s that too.

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