Bài học của Bi June 16, 2011

Posted on: June 16, 2011


1. Chào hỏi

– How are you doing?

– How do you feel today?

– I’m doing well. thank you!

– I feel very good. how about you?

2. Kiểm tra từ vựng

– nghề nghiệp: occupation

– phi công, thủy thủ: pilot

– hàng không: airline (air: trên không, line: đường)

– nghệ sĩ: artist

– môn Sinh học: biology

– môn Vật Lý: physics

– trường đại học: university

– anh, em trai (cùng cha khác mẹ hoặc cùng mẹ khác cha): half-brother

– chị, em gái (cùng cha khác mẹ hoặc cùng mẹ khác cha): half-sister

– bố đẻ: birth-father

– anh rể (chồng của chị gái): brother-in-law

– chăm sóc, trông nom: take care of

II> Luyện tập hội thoại

– Hi, Thảo. My name is Jenny. Nice to meet you!

– Nice to meet you, too, Jenny

– where are you from?

– I’m from Vietnam.

– what language do you speak in Vietnam?

– We speak Vietnamese.

– How long have you been learning English?

– I’ve been learning English for five years now.

– Do you like learning English?

– of course I do. I love learning English.

– Do you have any brothers or sisters?

– Yes, I have one sister, one half-sister and one half-brother.

– how old are they?

– My older sister is 24 years old. My half-sister and half-brother are 11 and 10 years old.

– How about you? How old are you?

– I am 8 years younger than my older sister.

– Whom are they living with?

– My older sister is living with her husband. My little sister and brother are living with my birth-father.

– wow, it sounds like you have a big family.

– how about your mom? How old is she?

– She’s 49 years old.

– What is she doing now?

– she’s in the kitchen preparing breakfast.

– What time do you usually get up in the morning?

– I often get up at 7 o’clock in the morning.

– What time do you usually go to bed?

– I usually go to bed at 11 o’clock.

– Oh, Bi, it’s nice talking with you. I have to go now. See you later.

– it’s been nice talking to you, too. See you later Jenny. Bye

III> Bài mới

1. So sánh hơn với tính từ ngắn (tiếp)

– My mother sings better than I do.

– My sister cooks better than me.

– I sing better than my sister.

– My little brother’s skin is brighter than mine.

– My father’s hair is darker and softer than my mother’s.

– My hair is thicker and longer than my mother’s.

– the weather in my hometown is cooler than that in big cities of my country.

–  Tomorrow lesson will be easier than today’s lesson.

2. So sánh hơn và kém với tính từ dài

– My friend’s book is more interesting than mine.

– I speak English faster and more accurately than my Mom does.

– the film I saw yesterday is more boring than the film I see today.

– today’s lesson is more interesting than yesterday’s lesson.

– yesterday’s lesson is less interesting than today’s lesson.

– Today’s lesson is less difficult than yesterday’s lesson.

– today’s episode is less boring than yesterday’s

– my house is less decorated than your house.

– my mother sings more beautifully than I do.

– My friend told this story more interestingly than I did.

III> So sánh bậc nhất

– my mother is the best.

– My mother has the best voice.

– my mother has the most beautiful voice.

– HCM is the biggest city in Vietnam.

– she is the smartest girl in our class.

– this book is the most interesting book I’ve  ever read.

– my brother-in-law is the tallest person in my family.

IV> Tài liệu mới

– Pimsleur 7  Link download

– Bài hội thoại: Cleaning your room.

Hội thoại 1: Link download

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Hội thoại 3: link download


– Bài hát mới:  Because you loved me

Link bài học tại trang tienganh 123

V> Tập đọc:

My family occupations

A: I would like to know more about your family. What is your father’s occupation?

B: My father is an airline pilot. He has been a pilot for twenty years.  Right now, he is flying from Kiev to Berlin.

A: Wow, that’s interesting. What does your mother do?

B: My mother is an artist. She paints and draws. She has painted over a hundred pictures. Now, she’s painting a large picture of boats sailing in the ocean.

A: Do you have any brothers or sisters?

B: Yes, I have one brother and one sister.

A: What are their occupations?

B: My brother is a teacher. He teaches biology and physics at a lyceum. He’s been a teacher for five years. This year he is also coaching the school’s football team.

A: And what does your sister do?

B: My sister is a student at university. She has studied both law and business. And she wants to be a lawyer. She’s working in a law office this summer.

A: What a busy family you have!

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