Bài số 6: what do you prefer: weekdays or weekends?

Posted on: July 16, 2011

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i love weekends much more than weekdays. During the week, I have to be serious in academic. On the weekend, I like to relax. I deserve a break because I work hard all week at school. Plus the weekend gives me time to watch TV or do other things that I enjoy. I love my weekends.

I prefer weekdays to the weekend. I feel that the weekend waste time and it’s so dull.  I like to go to school during the week. Being a student is like my job and I want to do my job well. I also like contributing my thoughts and ideas at school. I also get to see my friends while I am there.  On weekend, I do nothing.  The weekends are great for some people but not for me.

I. Vocabulary

1. serious (a) nghiêm túc

2. academic (n) học thuật

3. relax (v) nghỉ ngơi, thư giãn

4. deserve (v) xứng đáng

5. break (n) sự nghỉ ngơi, nghỉ giải lao

6. dull (a) chán ngắt, tẻ nhạt

7. contribute (v) đóng góp, xây dựng

II. Grammar point: prefer something to something else (thích cái gì hơn cái gì)

I prefer weekdays to the weekend. (tôi thích ngày trong tuần hơn là ngày cuối tuần)

I prefer apples to oranges. (tôi thích táo hơn cam)

I prefer aerobic to yoga. (tôi thích thể dục thẩm mỹ hơn yoga)

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