Lesson 9: spend all of your money or save money for the future?

Posted on: August 4, 2011

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 Opinion 1

I prefer to spend my money to have fun now. I believe that we’re only young once, so we should enjoy life while we can. If I only save my money for the future, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy going out with my friends and travelling to different places while I still young enough to enjoy it fully. If I did save, when I get old, I may have more money but I wouldn’t have strong relationships with friends or the enriching experience of world travel. I think these experiences, the things I’m doing now provide me with a greater reward than saving all my money for retirement.


1. to have fun: chơi, giải trí

2. once: một lần

3. enjoy life: hưởng thụ cuộc sống

4. fully : một cách đầy đủ, trọn vẹn

5. get old: già, trở nên già

6. relationship: mối quan hệ

7. enriching(a) giàu có, phong phú

8. provide (v) cung cấp, chuẩn bị

9. reward (n) phần thưởng, điều gặt hái được

10. retirement (n) sự nghỉ hưu, lúc nghỉ hưu


 Opinion 2

I prefer to save my money for future. I believe that it is wise to plan for your retirement from an early age.  If I only spend my money on having fun while I am young, I won’t be able to enjoy a long, relaxing retirement or help my children get started in their adult life.

By saving now, when I get old, I will be able to enjoy a nice home and garden and I can help my children buy home for their family. This will provide me with a greater reward than parting all the time with my friends now.


1. wise (a) khôn ngoan

2. relaxing (a) thoải mái, thư thả

3. get started (v) bắt đầu

4. party (v) hội hè, tiệc tùng

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